Hotel Butrinti


Deluxe Suite

6 Deluxe Suites, one in each floor with a fantastic view of Ionian and Corfu Sea. Placed in the most dominant part of the hotel, Deluxe Suites offer the luxury and comfort that everyone needs. A panoramic view of the city can be seen from the living room and as[…]

Double Bedroom Premium

Available 54 double rooms (2 beds included). All rooms offer sea view from Saranda’s coast and 12 of them offer as well swimming pool view, one of the most attractive and remarkable parts of the hotel. Rooms are combined with elegant and stylish furniture which offer a comfortable accommodation.

Executive Suite

Butrinri Hotel possesses 18 suites of this category, each one with a city view. Every room is nicely furnished with relaxing colors. These suites are mostly used during summer by familiars on vacations.